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There are several partners that help make Pasta Panas more accessible to our consumers. All of PPFB’s partners are crucial to ensure customers’ enjoyment and satisfaction.

Customer convenience has always been PPFB’s top priority, hence the plan of opening Pasta Panas outlets across Petronas stations nationwide. With this collaboration, our customers will be able to make a quick meal stop at their nearest Petronas station.

Mesra outlets will be the first outlet to sell our frozen pasta packs. With this partnership, PPFB hopes to explore the frozen food market further and also have our frozen pasta packs available for purchase at other convenience stores.

Apart from Petronas and Mesra, Grabfood is also our biggest and most prominent partner. Grabfood is our only delivery partner and PPFB has won the Grabfood 2019 Rising Star award for being the customers’ number 1 in Grabfood’s noodle category. Our unique selling point and our exclusivity has also awarded us an invite to join Grab Kitchen.

No culinary experience is complete without beverages and Coca-Cola is one of our biggest partners to date. As our official beverage partner, Coca-Cola has helped us with marketing efforts for both their side and also ours. A collaboration with Coca-Cola has presented us with several special privileges and at the same elevated us from our competitors.

Nothing is more beautiful than having a great meal, accompanied by a refreshing drink, and ending the culinary experience with a dazzling dessert. With that in mind, PPFB is also in partnership with Souka Bakeshop to provide our customers with beautiful desserts that they deserve. Ranging from Pavlovas to local delights like Coconut Pandan Gula Melaka cake, Souka Bakeshop has yet to disappoint.

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